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Print out this order form by pressing the 'print' button in your browser window. Complete form, make check payable to 'Larry Marcus' and send to the following address:

Larry Marcus, 5540 W. 5th St., Spc 10, Oxnard, CA 93035, USA
(805) 814-1456

Workshop Name/Year: Enter the name of the workshop desired. Remember to include the year.

Type: Please include the type of video or DVD being ordered.

  • Teaching DVDs offer step-by-step instruction of each dance listed on the product description page (except for the Chagigah General, which only shows the dances being done).
  • Party dances (or Harkadah) DVDs include dances (without instruction) that are recorded throughout the workshop, mainly at the evening party sessions.

Price: The price is listed on the specific video page.

  • When ordering both Teaching and Party, please use a separate line for each DVD and enter the discount price on one of those lines.

Ship To:

Workshop Name Year   Type
Qty Price ea. Total

Shipping to US, Canada: add $3 for the first DVD ordered, $1 for each additional DVD ordered.


Shipping to other countries:
To Mexico, Europe and South America, add US$6 for the first DVD; add US$3 for each add'l.
To Asia, Australia and New Zealand, add US$8 for the first DVD; add US$5 for each add'l.

Grand Total  





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